Liza Pulman Sings Streisand featuring the Brighouse & Rastrick Band

What started as the tiniest gin of an idea (sorry, I obviously mean germ) in the back of the van with me and the brilliant Joseph Atkins has ended with the recording of these two songs and I couldn’t be prouder. As my actress mother, Barbara Young, is a Brighouse girl born and bred, she instilled in me the love of a brass band from birth and, of course, in particular to the sounds of her home-town, heart-warming and emotion-stirring Brighouse and Rastrick.

With the tragic decline of industry in our beautiful country over the last 4 decades, many of these bands have disappeared from sight and from sound, but the Brighouse and Rastrick have survived, playing their music to the very highest of standards and giving us goose-bumps as they do. To have had the privilege of recording two of my favourite songs from my recent show Liza Sings Streisand in the company of such an historic and brilliant organisation has been an experience I shall never forget. Now for the cheeky bit! If you’re interested, click on the link, have a listen and if you enjoy what you hear, please download a copy for yourself. In doing so you support not only me but also a just a little piece of our heritage – one of the few Brass bands today to exist entirely on funds from their recordings and their concert work.

Thank you to all who have helped us bring this project to fruition – we’ve loved it. I hope you do too.


Buy now on iTunes
Buy Now on iTunes



If you would like a hard Copy (real CD) then you can buy one here. 
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