Glitz and glamour of –Hollywood arrived in Stafford at the Gatehouse Theatre last night, in the form of glorious singer, Liza Pulman. Best known as a member of the trio, Fascinating Aida, Pulman is currently going it alone in her show: Liza Sings The Songs of Hollywood.

When I interviewed Liza she said that there would be a couple of stonking frocks from her, and she wasn’t kidding, either! The Diva looked resplendent in all three frocks, even if they did hinder her progress when she attempted to take a seat on a nearby stool! Not only is Pulman a magnificently talented singer, she is also a marvellously quick-witted comedienne (hence why she is a member of the hilarious Fascinating Aida).

Among the wide selection of songs from the movies that we were treated to were: Evergreen which Pulman’s vocals lent themselves to exceedingly well, Que Sera Sera, a jazzy version of Moon River and my personal favourites, there Disney numbers. Two of the Disney choices included popular hits from the Toy Story franchise; You’ve Got a Friend in Me and When Somebody Loved Me, the latter was a heart breaking number to listen to, largely due to Pulman’s beautiful connection with the lyrics (she has a knack of connecting perfectly with every song she sings). Cruela De Vil followed, and this upbeat tune, originally from 101 Dalmations certainly had my foot tapping again…..

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Break A Leg Review Apr 11th 2016

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