On StageLet’s get straight to the point, Liza’s stage show does more than it bills. Sure, she sings The Songs of Hollywood, but she also gives us, the audience, so much more. Liza’s show is a whole evening of rich, glittery and at times, comic entertainment. By Liza’s own admission, she is your secret weapon in a pub quiz when it comes to the movies, and she shares that knowledge between songs. Liza’s passion for Hollywood, for her musical heroes, for the stories the songs amplify is shared with her audience. Liza is a generous performer, giving a great deal of herself throughout the show. Liza comes across as tender, charming, feisty, and funny all in one exquisitely dressed bundle. Her frocks are beautiful, and against a back drop of the ‘ensemble’ in dinner dress, this helps bring the feel of Hollywood glamour to the stage…………………Read the full review HERE

Julia Webb-Harvey  27th Apr 2016   

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