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Goodness me, another newsletter? Where does the time go? Well I can’t speak for Ol’ Father Time but I can tell you where I’ve been. Since we last spoke I have been to Petworth in Sussex, Lulworth in Dorset and now I am off to Edinburgh in Scotland. Oh, and let’s not forget Cornwall in Cornwall, where I live!
The Petworth festival was a triumph from start to finish. We stayed in the beautiful Angel Inn on the high street, which was once visited by the Pilgrim Fathers on their journey to the Americas. Apparently, at every Inn at which they stopped upon their way and received warmth and hospitality, as a thank you they would name it “Angel”, and as you check-in there is a rather beautifully worded plaque hanging by reception telling this story.13775361_1594315350866576_3880223671478313308_n

However, I digress! Everything’s Coming Up Roses was a sell-out joy: A wonderful audience and a great night in the Leaconfield Hall. The hall is a glorious Victorian construction right in the centre of Petworth which, just prior to my performance (and I like to think because of it) had received a rather glamorous make-over.

The smell of crisp, fresh paint filled the air but, unfortunately, it had also sealed all the windows. It was one of those rare but oh-so-beautiful British summer’s evenings and, unable to open any of the windows in the Hall, we all roasted! By the interval the mascara on my right eye was running half way down my cheek and I looked as if I had just completed 90 minutes of a Hot Yoga class.
However, I wiped my face in the interval, reapplied my mascara and, together with an unflagging audience, we had a riotous night.

13667720_1596200237344754_4810091253361408538_oThen it was back to Cornwall to finish rehearsals for the first performance of my new show Young At Heart. I spent the rest of that week singing very happily at my white piano with my pianist, Carlton Edwards, hammering out Disney songs. My poor neighbours! They are gloriously stoic but even they must have rolled their eyes to the heavens as I sang Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book Medley for the 75th time! Then it was off to Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle in Dorset to entertain the parents and their children on the last day of the festival.

IMG_1532We filled the stage with large balloons, pink, white and blue and the sounds of those great films wafted out from the Big Top, enticing people in as they passed by. By the time we had finished the big top was heaving with the voices of both parents and children alike, all joining in to sing those timeless melodies with me, and as we ended with a rendition of Let’s Go Fly A Kite, we released the balloons into the tent and watched as all the children jumped up to grab one; It was a truly magical moment.

Then it was back to Cornwall for Falmouth Week. This is not a new show but a week of sailing and socialising, though in my case, purely the latter. On Sunday I left Cornwall for Oxfordshire to begin an intensive week of work with my colleagues Dillie Keane and Adele Anderson prior to our run at the Edinburgh Festival in it’s last week.

Monday the 22nd of August will see me open not one but two shows on the same day. Fascinating Aida will open at 7pm in the evening at Assembly George Square (Venue 3) and my own show Everything’s Coming Up Roses will open at 2.30pm at the fabulous Pleasance Theatre Cabaret Bar that afternoon. My costumes are packed and the astro-turf and garden gnome are winging their way up to Edinburgh as we speak.

With my Hollywood shows at Crazy Coqs in London on the 10th and 26th October and my concerts with the Last Night of the Proms in Skegness on the 18th September in the autumn, there will be much more to discuss, but for now it has to all about Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Festival, here I come!!

Liza xx




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